We are traveling Australia. After a month of being away the reality of what we are doing has finally sunk in. One afternoon we had a brief chit chat with a gentlemen on one of our sightseeing adventures. He gave us a few tips of where to go & what to do. We shared our plans about how we anticipate making our way around the entire country & with a nod of approval he told us we were ‘doing it the right way’. We are not tourists but travelers. That thought has stuck with me the last couple weeks & helped me realize what we’ve set out to do. We are here to explore this beautiful country & see all that it has to offer. We have the time to explore every major “must see” landmark but also the small everyday country town that no one has ever heard of. We have time to take a 2 hour drive & turn it into 5 hours by just stopping at places that strike our curiosity. This is crazy! I still continue to fall in love with Australia more and more every day & we’ve only been traveling for about 3 weeks.

Disclaimer: Everyone should come to Australia just to see all of their fun road signs & cool mailboxes. I wish I had pictures! I don’t think I’ve seen one “normal” mailbox. There’s been 5 gallon buckets, large milk cans, jerry cans & oil cans. Some have had faces that looked like a monster with teeth. I even saw one that was a knight in armor (probably almost as tall as me). No joke! On the road they are all about sleep & safety. Signs that say “Rest, Revive, Survive”, “Drowsy Drivers Die” “Weary? Power nap now” & “Open your eyes, Fatigue kills” just to name a few. Their road signs about falling stones, wombats & people crossing can be pretty artsy as well. At least they grab your attention right?! 🙂 Make sure you enjoy some of the scenery too when you visit!

Back to my post.

Since my last post we have traveled a bit. Because of my procrastination I won’t share every detail but there have been many highlights to each place we’ve visited. For starters as a group we decided that it’d be best to sell our first vehicle, PJ, & buy our own vehicles as couples. Let’s be frank, we all brought wayyyy too much & one vehicle just wasn’t going to work out. We were all stubborn at first to truly face the fact that it wasn’t working because of changing our initial plans but it has seemed to have been the right move. We were each able to purchase a new vehicle & sell PJ within a weeks time. Yay!

We left the mountains for the beach & Jervis Bay was our first stop. We saw dozens of kangaroos & were able to feed some of them. We spent some time sightseeing, drinking coffee & hung out in the town of Huskisson. Oh, and definitely spent time on the beach. Base tan complete! Sorry Ohioans & all those about to face snow!

Next stop Bulli Beach. We had to move a few hours north for a better location for buying vehicles/selling PJ. The first night was crazy windy (30-50 mph gusts) but we survived in our trusty tent. Side note: we had to sell our tent. So devastating but we now have a rooftop tent so it was just taking up space. The boys were busy with vehicles so Karmen & I spent a lot of time reading & burning on the beach (we got a wee bit red one afternoon). Landon & I met a few boys attempting handstands while we walked through town one evening. We gave them a few tips & they gave us a few things to do during our stay. That included hiking to Sublime Point in Austimeer, SeaCliff Bridge & visiting the local Bulli Farmers Market. All of which we did do & enjoyed ALOT. I almost died on the hike up the mountain but the view was amazing. Landon & I went to church at C3 Thirroul while we were there. Let’s just say Thirroul is my favorite place so far. Mostly because of the amazing church but the mountains & beaches are a definite bonus. I love Thirroul! We love Thirroul!

From Bulli Beach Landon & I headed inland to Goulburn. We explored the town & we visited the old YWAM base. It was started by the the founders of YWAM Perth. Unfortunately the weekend before our visit, the building was set on fire for the 3rd time in a month. It was in rough condition. We also saw the Big Merino & commemorated our visit with the purchase of merino wool socks. So warm! Australia is all about their wool. We also visited the ever popular Trapper’s Bakery. They make some amazing sourdough bread! The carrot cake was delicious as well.

Canberra, Australia’s capital followed Goulburn. We went to the national museum, Old Parliament House & New Parliament House. We visited the War Museum but unfortunately it was closed by the time we got there so we were only able to see what they had displayed on the grounds outside.

From Canberra we went to Batemans Bay. Cool coastal town. We ate fish & chips at Inness’ Boatshed. Best yet. Landon said they were the best he’s ever had! We stayed in Murramarang National Park for the night. My favorite spot so far! We were in the mountains/forest but only a short walk to the beach. It was also the first time in many years that I went into the ocean & went underwater. Milestone!

From Batemans Bay we continued on to Mystery Bay. That afternoon drive was a definite highlight. We took our time and stopped at Coila Beach, Tathra Beach & the small town of Bodalla for the Bodalla Cheese Factory. Tasty cheese! While we were there it was feeding time for the animals so I got to help feed the “future cows” & alpacas.

The following day we made our way down the coast to Eden. Eden is a historic whaling town situated on Twofold Bay. We visited the Killer Whale Museum, the historic Wharf, Boyd’s Tower & the Davidson’s Whaling Station. Quant town full of history.

It took us a good three weeks to sort out vehicles, travel plans & just adjust to an everyday routine. Because I am a planner I’ve struggled with “going with the flow” at times but it seems to always work out as the day goes on. I’ve found that having a destination in mind as we travel has helped me adjust more quickly.

The slower pace of life is evident but we’ve only just had a glimpse because we don’t stay in one place long. Our routine consists of waking up around 8, breakfast, pack, then travel or sightsee til about 6. At that point we usually find a spot to camp, settle in & eat dinner. Some afternoons we find a cafe for lunch & coffee while we catch up on the happenings back home. We typically stay at each camp one night unless we are at a caravan park. There we will stay two nights so we can shower, do laundry & just have extra time to relax.

I now know why my husband has always been so picky about his coffee. There are cafes on almost every corner & drip coffee just doesn’t exist here. I always thought he was crazy wanting an expresso machine. Not anymore…I want one too!

We are in Victoria now! Continuing our way south! We have plans for a wedding January 16th in Margaret River so we have to keep moving at a steady pace! Everyone is preparing for Christmas here & I keep thinking they’re missing Thanksgiving. I am quickly reminded that’s only in America ☺️🦃

With love,


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