Excerpt From The Wagler’s V.5

We’ve been busy little travellers since our last post & It went a little something like this…..

Wilson’s Promontory with Troyer Travels – Beach: Jess & I thoroughly enjoyed the huge waves and spent a lot of time in the ocean, Hiking: A hike across 4 connecting beaches & a 19k hike to secluded Sealers Cove, Took lots of Showers: Because that’s what you do when you have a shower available.

Melbourne – City Walks: Art Museums & Federation Square, Christmas Lights: A fun music and projection display on the Town Hall, Krispy Kreme Donuts(obviously listed due to its  importance), More Sightseeing, Had Home Away From Home Thanks To A Friend: We stayed with a friend we had met earlier on our travels in Harrietville and he was kind enough to open his home to us for 4 days while we explored.

Healesville Sanctuary – Glorious Birds, Interesting Wildlife, Forgotten Camera, A Wife who complained every 5 minutes that she forgot her camera. This was a favourite stop of ours. Very interesting and we saw a lot of the Australian wildlife and birds that we don’t normally see.

Great Ocean Road – Open Mouths, Hundreds of Photos, Stopping Every Five Minutes for Photos, Visited Lorne For A Day: a pretty little beach town with a lot to offer, More Jaw Dropping: Everything from Loch Ard Gorge to the 12 Apostles to London Bridge & the Grotto just to name a few, Foooooood: 12 Apostles Whey Cheese Factory & Tasting, CHOCOLATE: Gorge Chocolates, they were fantastic!

Adelaide – Big Bash League Cricket Game: A shorter more intense version that only lasts a few hours instead of days (Thank Goodness) We grew to quite enjoy the game seeing it played in this version, Christmas with the Troyers: We rented an Airbnb and had a grand time catching up and video chatting with family, Handorf with the Troyers: Australia’s oldest German town that had a very Berlin/Shipshewana small town hometown feel filled with tourist shops & great food.

Nullarbor w/the Troyers: 3 days of driving in the middle of nowhere. An experience we didn’t necessarily think was that great while driving, but an unforgettable one all the same.

Here’s the part where I was going to upload a bunch of photos since I slacked on the writing end of things, however, this library’s internet is nothing to be proud of and none of my photos will load. Sorry, to all of you who only scroll down to see if there are pictures, you will actually have to read this time 🙂 We’ve been gone over 80 days now and some of our beginning memories are already beginning to turn fuzzy. This has been the coolest & most challenging adventure all rolled into one. There have been both little and big bumps along the way, adjustments, compromise, apologies(lots of those happen when you are with the same human for literally 24/7), so much laughter, and so many other emotions. We have almost hit the halfway point and it’s hard to believe we will see anything else that surprises us, but just crossing over into Western Australia, we already know we are up for even greater sights than we’ve seen yet. So our current agenda? Well, we are in Albany right now and are heading up the west coast to Margaret River and Perth. From there Kendall and I will begin the long trek up the coast to the very tippy top, Exmouth & the Ningaloo Reef. Obviously there will be a lot of stops in between Perth and Exmouth, but we have no real agenda and are trying to make the most of the few months we have left. We know that the only regrets we will have about this trip will be places we could not visit or not spending enough time somewhere. We are trying our best to put the thoughts of ‘real life’ aside and soak up every sun filled day. That said, we hope each of you back in the ‘real life/world’ are making the best of every day you are given as well. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for a lot of you and the way you have supported us and impacted our lives. We can’t wait to catch up with y’all!


Much Love,

The Wagler’s

One of the few photos that loaded. Just a taste of what the Great Ocean Road offered.


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