3 Months In

It’s about time I catch you up on what we’ve been doing. We’ve traveled thousands of kilometres in a very short time each jam packed with excitement. Well maybe except for the Nullarbor but I’ll get there. First we need to rewind to a few weeks ago to our time in Wilson’s Promontory where we finally met up with Kendall & Karmen after what seemed like a century. The Prom boasts some of the most beautiful coastline in Australia & to be able to share that weekend with them will be something I will forever be grateful for. We camped,  hiked 19k to Sealers Cove, swam in the ocean (well just Karmen & I), read books, and shared stories & laughs. We even did our fair share of picking on each other too…mostly Karmen & Landon! I left that weekend feeling refreshed & excited for the weeks ahead. Being able to share our traveling experiences with friends from home has been a blessing.

We headed to Phillip Island next. Our intention was to stay for a couple days just to sight see & then continue our way along the coast. Little did we know our weekend would turn into an entire week…a very rough week at that. What started out to be a minor car problem ended up turning in a major issue & to top it off Landon’s computer crashed. We felt defeated. We began to question everything &  wonder how things were going to go as we continued on. But, I can sit here and tell you that it’s all part of the journey. Thankful for God’s continued blessings in our lives even though we can be blinded by the problems we face. We were able to fix our vehicle, sight see like we had planned & Landon’s computer was fixed within a days work all for free. We may have been behind in “our” plans but we were still able to travel on. Phillip Island was a great place to explore. We were able to see the Noobies, Cape Woolamai & the remains of a shipwreck.

From Phillip Island we made our way along the Mornington Peninsula towards Melbourne. Along the way we stopped in Brighton to see the Bathing Boxes & Landon worked out at a local gym he’s had his eye on called South East Strength. We met a few of the members & shared good conversation with the owner Lester. Awesome guy & he runs a great gym! We hope to meet up with him again one day. We also spent an evening watching the movie Fantastic Beasts while we waited to pick up Landon’s water bottle at the gym & while his computer was being repaired. We then made our way to Melbourne & spent a few days there exploring the city. I was reminded that I will never be a big city girl but I do enjoy public transportation. It’s so handy & less expensive than having car to get around. We had an Airbnb for the weekend that was two minutes away from the tram so going in & out of the city was a breeze. Melbourne is a beautiful trendy city but spending more than 3 or 4 days there is just not for me.

From Melbourne we made our way to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road. It’s very similar to Highway 1 in California but I think the coastline is more impressive. I can’t get enough of the Australian coastline. I find that I would live in a coastal town before I would live in a country town. The road led us into South Australia were we spent most of the time driving. We had 2 days to make it to Adelaide for Christmas so we drove the most we have since we started this trip. 7 hours in two days. Rough life I know:). We again stayed in an Airbnb for the weekend except this time we shared it with Karmen & Kendall. To say we had a blast was an understatement. It was nice to relax for the holidays and be off the road, catch up with family & celebrate with them. During that time we started the show Suits. We are hooked! If you’ve never watched it I suggest you get started.

Next up was our big journey west across the Nullarbor. Before we started we spent a night in the Gawler Ranges. I  got my first taste of the true Australian Outback and I love it. Seeing kangaroos by the hundreds in their natural habitat was exciting. The Gawler Ranges  are rather remote & have just recently become a national park so there were not very many people around making exploration more enjoyable. We met up again with Karmen & Kendall in Ceduna at the start of the Nullarbor. The next two days were spent in the car stopping every 2 hours to stretch our legs & keep us from complete boredom. There is a whole lot of nothing crossing the Nullarbor except for a few roadhouses to fuel up, grab a coffee & use the toilet. 2 days, 12 hours of driving & 1202km traveled we made it to Norseman on the other end in Western Australia (WA). We then traveled another 3 hours to Esperance so we could unwind at the beach & soak up some rays. Despite the crazy wind Karmen & I swam and the guys sat on the beach and read. Esperance is beautiful. By far the most beautiful beaches we’ve seen yet. The following day we made our way to Albany. Again, after the 4 hours on the road we went to the beach to unwind. We had a BBQ, swam (Karmen & I) & then explored the town in the evening. I hope we have some time to make our way back to Albany later on it on our trip. It’s a city town along the coast & the city centre is one of the best.


We are finally in WA. I’ve been anticipating our arrival for so long. This is like home for Landon & we are here together! It’s already been great to have him show me things he’s remembered from his time before. So far we’ve explored the Valley of Giants & climbed the Gloucester Tree and it’s only just the beginning. We are now in Margaret River. I’ve finally met so many of Landon’s wonderful friends. I have been processing so much since we’ve arrived & with that I will share my next post. The wedding, meeting people & discovering life outside of living in the bubble we find ourselves so comfortable in back home. Big things are happening & I’m looking forward to what is in store for our journey ahead.

With love,


Troyer Travels


PS: Karmen & I were freaked out coming to Australia & the idea of swimming in the ocean. Since we’ve been here we’ve been in the ocean 4 or 5 times at least…and the guys…not once! #babies 😉


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