Excerpt from the Wagler’s V.6

IMG_4906.jpgCan I get a Whoop! Whoop!? We have officially crossed over into triple digit days! We had to just sit and reminisce a moment when we reached Day 100. 100 Days in Australia. 100 Days of being away from our families. 100 Days of living in a car or tent. 100 Days of no specific agenda. 100 Days of putting up with each other for 24/7. 100 Days of learning.
Living on the road has not always been easy. There have been more last minute & spur of the moment decisions made on this trip than I think in my whole life. I am a planner. Kendall is not. At all. Plans make him feel boxed in and confined. The very word ‘PLAN’ makes him want to plug his ears. Lack of that word makes me want to cry or get anxiety. My mind cannot relax unless there is a plan in place for each day of the week. Most nights on this trip we didn’t even know where we were staying until it was time for supper. Yeah I know, it still makes me cringe a little. These last 100 days have pushed us out of our comfort zones, although if I’m being honest, mainly me. Kendall has pretty much been totally chill, so to speak, on this trip. He thrived on the unknown and pure adventure. Crazy man. At this point, if you would have asked both of us a year ago what we thought this trip would be like, you would find our answers would be very different now. It is everything we thought it would be and more. By more, I also mean more complications, harder than we realised, more differences in each other than we thought, and for all of those frustrations, and little meaningless arguments about how something should be packed or whose turn it was to wash dishes, we have grown to love and appreciate each other’s quirks and opinions so much more. This trip has made us fully aware of our flaws and also confirmed why we chose to do life together. Not to be all mushy and sentimental, but I seriously won this marriage thing when I found this man. Ok, ok, moving on. There have also been 100 days of wonder struck gazes from the top of cliffs, mountains, or taking in countless beach views. 100 Days of seeing unique landscapes and wildlife. Oh, and please let’s not forget 100 mornings of Wheatbix. A ridiculously bland (unless drowned in honey) cereal, but so filling, basically a backpacker must. 100 Days of dirty feet. 100 Days of slowly watching our hard earned muscle turn into flab because it’s kind of hard (& gross) to workout when it’s 90 degrees and you aren’t guaranteed a shower. At a time when 90% of our days are spent on a beach no less! 100 Nights wishing for our king size bed. 100 Days of missing our Momma’s cooking. 100 Days of being THOSE tourists. 100 Days of laughter and memories that won’t be soon forgotten. Basically, we’re good, this journey has been special and unique, life changing in many ways.
As we reach our Day 100 milestone, we are just finishing up a glorious week of snorkelling and scuba diving the Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth and Coral Bay. If you’re looking at a map, we are at the top northwest corner of Australia. You would think that being home to a Reef that rivals, and many say beats, the Great Barrier Reef would be full of resorts and luxury. Umm, nope. Not even a little. Coral Bay is a tiny town mostly made up of one street, two caravan parks, 3 restaurants, two tiny supermarkets, and your tour booking companies. Charming, dusty, and in the middle of nowhere. Exmouth is slightly bigger, but the best beaches are located just outside of Exmouth around the point in Cape Range National Park. It’s just rough camping from there. Tiny, very smelly toilet shacks at each campground. If you’re even brave enough to use one, sometimes a bush IS better. 😂 That is something I have learned. Turquoise Bay and Lakeside were our two favourite spots to snorkel right off the shore. I never expected to find such colourful Coral teeming with fish of every shape, size and colour within swimming distance. Water crystal clear and of the most brilliant turquoise. Absolutely breathtaking…especially if you happen to get stung by a jellyfish while snorkelling, and try not to panic as your arm is on fire. I pretty much pouted the rest of the day about the fact that the ocean bit me. Just when we were making progress on our trust issues too!
In season you also have the opportunity to snorkel and dive with whale sharks, unfortunately it was the off season, but Kendall still went on 3 dives to the outer Reef to swim with turtles, manta rays, Sharks, and all that brilliant coloured Coral you see on the National Geographic Channel. I’m not about that dive stuff….My biggest fears are Sharks, Spiders, Deep Open Water that I cannot see the top or bottom of, & tall, rickety Ladders, and I do not plan on having my own JAWS movie made, so count me out. We’re hoping his GoPro will provide us with some great videos we can share with you of his dives. I wish you could have all been there to see him after his dive. Like a kid on Christmas morning. He first went scuba diving in Malaysia on his YWAM outreach and has had such a passion for it since. I will just continue to be content with snorkelling.
Our travels are now leading us back south down towards Perth. We have a lot of stops from here to where our journey will stop, though. Originally we had planned to make the trip all the way around Australia, but we soon found out if we really want to see, experience, feel, & live the Australian life, our time frame is just not enough. We can’t even be sad about the parts we don’t get to see, because all we’ve seen has already exceeded our expectations. With only a few weeks left, we are realising how hard it will be to leave this traveling lifestyle and put down roots again, but we also feel that it is time to do so. We certainly plan on continuing our wanderings to experience different lifestyles and cultures, Australia has just been our first adventure. What a great one it has been!
Our final thoughts on the last 100 days are:
Compromise. It’s okay to bend the plan sometimes. Sometimes you really DO need a plan. Be appreciative of each Moment. Never underestimate, or take for granted the power, glory, and creativity of the Creator.

The Wagler’s
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