We’re still here. We haven’t done much traveling in the past month so there isn’t as much to catch you up on other than our plans for the next few months here in Perth. After the wedding in Margaret River we spent a few more days relaxing on the beach & exploring Merchant Rock and Elephant Rock. From there we made our way to Bunbury. Picture Dover/New Phila on a larger scale…with beaches! We spent a lot of our time at the library, camping & quality time with James & Hana. Hana & Landon met through YWAM. We had such a great time with them. We worked out a few times (ouch), ate food & shared good conversation late into the night. James & Landon hit it off instantly as they both enjoy weightlifting, crossfit & food.

We are now in Perth & plan on being here through May (arrived mid January). We were fortunate enough to have a friend’s home to stay in while we transitioned from traveling to finding a place to live, work & workout. We shared their home with friends from YWAM & their 6 month old son. We had such a great time with them! So much good food, laughs, playtime with the little guy & Dutch Blitz. We found ourselves being extremely lazy the first couple weeks we were there. We felt spoiled having a real kitchen, bedroom & bathroom all under one roof. Landon has shown me around the city, the YWAM base, his old house & Kings Park. It’s been great getting to know friends & spending time with them. You know you’ve started to create great relationships when girls night consists of Gladiator, steak dinner & brownies/Tim Tams for dessert.

Perth from Kings Park

We now live in a suburb of Perth called Guildford. It’s been the perfect location for us to access the train line, work & the crossfit gym. We workout at Crossfit Artax and coach every Wednesday to help cover the cost of membership. The community is amazing & we absolutely love it. The first couple days were extremely rough but we are slowly working on getting back in shape. Landon is doing Crossfit again so I have enjoyed working out with him again.  Finding jobs has been a frustrating process. I found one within the first week of our search but it’s not consistent. Honestly, I’m not even sure if they have me working there at this point so I am on the search again. So far Landon has found odd jobs to do here and there.

Harriet – Flatmates cat

Since arriving in Perth I’m finding my perspective on life to be much different. Many things I have always thought impossible are possible. I would have never thought one day I’d be spending a year in Australia not knowing what our future holds. At many times I’ve been overwhelmed & I find myself wanting to go back to my comfort zone & go back to what I know as “normal” but that’s continuing to become less appealing to me. I admire my husband for being a dreamer & pushing me to see beyond all that I’ve known. You always hear of people being changed from traveling or being in missions but let me say it’s life changing when you get to experience it. I truly wish I could put into words what all I’ve been feeling the last few weeks…what we’ve been processing as a couple. At this point in our journey I cannot say for sure where we’ll be in the next 6 months. The ideas have become endless & we’ve committed to exploring all the possibilities.

Kendall & Karmen have officially heading home from their adventures here in Australia. I miss them already but cherishing every memory we’ve had together. We are blessed to have shared a part of our travels with them and call them friends. It’s going to be hard not having them here but I know we’ve formed a lasting frienship that will continue even though we are a few thousand miles apart.

Pray for us as we look for jobs with consistent hours so we can continue to save for our adventures ahead. Pray for guidance as we begin to discover what the future may hold.  We will continue to explore Perth, spend time with friends, workout & hopefully work through the next few months. After that the idea is to head north to continue our journey back to Sydney.

With Love,


Troyer Travels


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