The Final Chapter

A little over four months ago, I was staring wide eyed at my handsome husband as we took off on a 15 hour flight to Sydney, Australia. We were unsure of ourselves and the first two weeks of the trip we second guessed our decision often. Now, after being home in the States for a couple of weeks, we have no regrets except that we didn’t do something like this sooner. The last few weeks of our trip seemed to pass by much too quickly. Once we officially booked the tickets home the tone of our trip changed. We would sway back and forth between being very ready to see friends and family and get back to normalcy, and wanting to stay longer to keep exploring, knowing that when we came home it may be awhile before our next adventure.
Our last month went a little something like this….
We drove down the coast from Coral Bay, stopping at most of the small towns and just sightseeing a bit. We visited Monkey Mia in the Shark Bay region. We were able to experience wild dolphin feedings just a few feet from us and also saw 2 week old little baby dolphin. I am slightly obsessed with dolphins, so this was one of my favourite moments. Even though the dolphins are completely in the Wild, they swim in close to the shore and will even wave at you if you wave at them. In that same region we visited the infamous Shell Beach. A positively gorgeous beach made up entirely of little itsy bitsy shells with glassy mirror-like waters.
We spent several days, including Australia Day(equivalent of July 4th), in Kalbarri. Kalbarri is a gorgeous area National Park. Red Rock cliffs and gorges. Some of the most stunning views of our trip. We also visited a Parrot sanctuary that had a free flight aviary where you could walk through the gardens and enjoy the birds. This bird lady was more than satisfied! For Australia Day there was a town wide festival with live music and fireworks. It was so fun to experience another country’s celebration. We then ended up in the city of Perth where Kendall did his DTS with YWAM. It was so great to finally meet many of his YWAM friends and we were so blessed by their hospitality. If any of you have youth that are interested in doing a mission term somewhere or you yourself want to experience that, I would strongly encourage you to look into YWAM Perth.
We were able to hear some great teachings and be a part of Spirit filled worship at their Friday evening worship. I felt so welcomed by Kendall’s friends and loved finally being able to share that part of his life with him.
We also spent every chance we had with Landon and Jess. I was having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I would soon be on the other side of the world from my Soul Sister. (Insert tears here). We have made so many amazing memories with them on this trip and we feel so lucky to have friends like them in our lives. One day we explored the Swan Valley region together. A beautiful area outside of the city filled with artisan foods, gourmet chocolates, and wineries. We wanted to buy everything we tasted. And boy, we tasted.
Our last few days we tried to make to tthe most of our time, and spent time at the beach and just hanging out with people, saying goodbyes.
It’s hard to even sit here and write this. We have many mixed emotions about being home, but that’s not to say we aren’t happy to be home, but we could also picture ourselves back in Australia.
We will always hold Australia in our hearts and plan to visit again someday, but As for our current plans, big changes.
In the last year we have been praying and asking God to reveal His plans for us, and we had confirmation that He was leading us back to Indiana. Kendall will be joining the Yoder’s Meat & Cheese Co. (Karmen’s family business in Shipshewana) team. This was not an easy decision to make. All of our friends are in Ohio, our wonderful church family, and we will pretty much be starting over. We don’t know all the details but are trusting in the Lord to help us through it all. We are also excited, as we both love the ranch and country lifestyle that will be available to us there. I am obviously happy to be near my family and sweet nieces again but we will very much miss our Wagler family. We would appreciate all of your prayers as we adjust to not only real life again, but a new life in a new home and new place. We do not by any means plan for Australia to be the last of our travels, more like the first of many.
We hope you have enjoyed keeping up with the Waglers. If you have a desire to travel, just do it. You will only regret the adventures you do not seek. This world is a wonderland, and we like to think God created all of this beauty and diversity for us to explore. Until next time…..

The Wagler’s


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