On the Road Again

We have left Perth and headed north in WA to continue our adventures here in Australia. It’s already been a month & I would’ve blogged a bit earlier on but I just couldn’t get into the groove. These last few weeks have been some of the best we’ve experienced in sightseeing so far but keeping focus has been challenging. After booking tickets, making our plans for the trip home, starting to search for a place to live, thinking jobs & dreaming about what’s next we’ve both struggled more than we anticipated. I felt like I needed a bit more time to process to share with you all that’s been happening again. Hopefully that helps my thoughts from being all over the place.

Our time in Perth was great in spending time with friends, meeting new ones & exploring a bit around the city. I now have made the connections with Landon’s time there & was able to truly see into his 7 years spent with YWAM! (Maybe I should just write a blog on Perth) 🙂


Our first destination in leaving Perth was Geraldton. Along the way we stopped at the seaside towns of Cervantes & Jurien Bay. We also spent an afternoon at the Pinnacle Desert. Though it’s a short 4 hour trip we took a few days to get back into our “routine” a bit. In Geraldton we caught up with friends for a weekend, did our last days of crossfit for the next few months & strolled around the town. Luckily we came across a local pub playing the rugby game we wanted to watch so of course we had to stop in for a few drinks & the game 🙂


Kalbarri National Park was our next stop. It was a great day of sightseeing. Unfortunately a few of the lookouts and iconic landmarks were closed so we only had a few short stops. What we did get to see was beautiful nonetheless! It was the first time Landon brought the drone out for videos and photos on a hike. Being able to capture more of our surroundings from above is going to be an added bonus to our already incredible photos. I’m excited to hopefully be able to share more as we go whether that be here or Facebook!

I will always remember Kalbarri for the fact of it being the first time I ever saw the Milky Way. I stood in the cold for a good hour trying to soak it all in & try my hand at a few photos. I was in awe & felt as though I was standing under a giant umbrella of stars. Don’t be surprised if I post 101 photos of stars on every social media outlet I have from now on :).


En route from Kalbarri to Coral Bay we made our way into Shark Bay and spent the night in Denham. One of my favorite drives thus far! Like in many places you drive here, there isn’t much but wide open spaces & maybe a few trees and rolling hills along the way. But because there were pockets of rain throughout our drive it felt like everywhere you’d turn a rainbow lit up the sky. And then to top it off we woke up the next morning to the most amazing double rainbow on the beach(see photo).


Ahhh…where do I begin! A very small tourist town located along the coast of the Ningaloo Reef. You could spend a solid week there snorkeling off the beach or taking a tour, eating meat pies & apple scrolls at the bakery & if your Landon relaxing at the bar watching rugby. We spent a few days here doing just that. We decided on doing a Wildlife Tour through the Coral Bay Ecotours & we’re so grateful we did. They were great! We spent the majority of the day with the crew on their boat where they spoiled us with food, good company & multiple snorkeling outings. We did a few snorkels inside the reef as well as an open ocean snorkels. Initially our tour was for swimming with whale sharks but because the season was ending unusually early we weren’t guaranteed a sighting. Unfortunately we didn’t swim with any but we had the privilege of swimming with three manta rays. I’m still speechless! The ocean is so vast & filled with so much life! We’ll be back for more of the Coral Bay & next time we will swim with whale sharks. You should too!


We were looking forward to our time in Karijini National Park as everyone we spoke to whose been there said it’s a must see, can’t miss it place. It’s the truth! We spent most days hiking gorges only to be rewarded by endless views, waterfalls & rock pools. Each gorge was different & unique from the rest & the park itself was different from anything we have seen so far. We also took one morning to hike Mt Bruce. A rather challenging, quick climb in elevation type of hike but we had 4G service at the top (no service anywhere else in the park) so it was worth the climb! Yes phone service is great & all but the 360° views & seeing the open-pit mine was the definite highlight! Hopefully photos will help you envision all that the park has to offer. I find myself trying to imagine how much else it left to be discovered as much of the park is protected & you are unable to access it.


This first part of the trip from Geraldton we’ve had to keep moving because we had a house sit in Derby. House sits are good to help someone while they go away & are beneficial for us so we don’t have to pay for accommodation & laundry. It’s a nice refresh being in a home & off the road for a bit as well. Plus I had a 4 legged friend to look after.❤️ Derby isn’t close to much so we did spend a lot of time watching telly (it’s been ages) & movies. I was reminded how much I love Food Network & all things cooking/baking. We did take an afternoon to check out the jetty & learn a bit about the local history of the indigenous people in visiting the Prison Boab Tree & art gallery.


Because we’ve learned so much in the first months of traveling our journey going forward may be a bit different & more fulfilling. Different in that we’ll be in more remote places, spend more time free camping & going more “with the flow” of things instead of trying to plan our days in advance. Free camping means finding a good tree to squat behind, going a few days or week without a shower & maybe having to do some laundry in a bucket to get us by until the next laundry day. I’ve embraced all things bush camping & it’s much more rewarding than being in town or in caravan parks! Fulfilling in that our time can be even more enjoyable together because we’re more on the same page now in how we envision our travels to go from here until we fly home. I am grateful for Landon having patience with me as it took me some time to get to this point!


All things ‘the Kimberley’ and I can’t wait! We don’t have much of a plan from this point so I’m nervous yet excited to see how it all goes. I tend to like to plan ahead remember 😉 We have to be back in Sydney mid September & our plans as a whole for making the big lap around have changed. We’re going to save the east coast for our next trip to give us time to truly see as much as we can without being rushed for time. So from now (mid July) until September we have time to explore the Kimberley, Darwin & Alice Springs/Uluru. Can’t wait to share more with you!

With Love,


Troyer Travels


Coral Bay to Karinijini-9601
Road Train 🙂



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