Landon & Jess

Though we grelandon-jessw up in the same small town in Ohio, Landon & I did not meet until the spring of 2013. After high school, Landon spent 7 years in Perth, Australia with YWAM as a student & later a leader in the Sports DTS program. In that time I, Jess, graduated from high school & worked locally at a community bank. Upon Landon’s return home we met at our local Crossfit gym. Throughout the summer we spent time together & formed a friendship. Of course there was more interest between us both, but Landon had plans to travel back to Perth for another 5 year commitment.  It was not until September, a month before he planned to leave, that Landon shared with me his calling to stay in Ohio. That November of 2013 we began dating and the following August we were engaged to be married January 24, 2015. Throughout our relationship we’ve dreamt about traveling together. It was more of an idea until I was offered a job that would restrict us from having more freedom to travel. At that point we knew we had to take the opportunity to make our dreams come true. Though there have been many bumps in the road in the planning process we could not be more excited for the adventures that awaits!



Kendall + Karmen

kendall-karmenSummer 2007. Bible Camp.  A Blue-Eyed, Small Town Ohio Boy meets A Green-Eyed, Indiana Farm Girl. That’s where it all began folks. We became fast friends that year and couldn’t wait to meet up again the following year. 2008 is when we both were those awkward teenagers majorly crushing on each other. When we said goodbye at 15, at our last year of camp, we just figured we’d never really see each other again. After High school we ended up attending the same Bible College where we reconnected and starting dating. Fast forward a year & a half…Kendall felt called to spend some time in missions and travelled to YWAM Perth for 6 months. We got engaged soon after he came home and were married that fall. We have both always been restless dreamers, talking about some unrealistic adventure or another. I (Karmen) was always the ‘wild or flower child’ in my family, but when I met Kendall I realized he was an even bigger dreamer & I had to become the voice of reason. Kendall is the most positive, fearless, adventurous person I know, with an unshakeable faith. He grabbed this opportunity full on & waited patiently while I dragged my feet for several months making PRO & CON lists, and changing my mind every other day about all the craziness of packing up our whole life…..Yet, here we are. We finally found the courage to step out and just GO.